Sublimation Shot Glass 2oz temp

Sublimation Shot Glass 2oz temp



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Recommended Equipment • Shrink sleeves • Heat gun • Heat Tape • Convection Oven

General Sublimation Instructions

• Preheat heat press(Oven) to 400°F. •

Tape transfer to shot glass with heat tape crafting besties paper.

• Using shrink wrap sleeve Place shot glass with transfer attached inside the shrink sleeve. 

Use a heat gun to shrink the sleeve to the shot glass.

For best results, heat the shrink sleeve on the opposite side of the transfer paper first. Once shrunk, heat the rest of the shrink sleeve against the transfer paper. This ensures a tight, shrink sleeve fitting against the transfer paper. 

Place wrapped shot glass in the convection oven to heat for 10-12 min.

After heating, removed glass from oven and peel immediately using heat gloves  .

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