Heart shaped puzzle sublimation blank

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Quantesha Barnett

I have not received my puzzles yet

Bestest Paper by far

I want to say first I love love love this paper. I have been conned, convinced, made to believe that there are other papers out there that are better. Some cheaper, so more expensive, but none as good as Crafting Besties, I am not impressed with any others au far, not even tempted to buy or take more free to try. Thank you crafting Besties for doing your research all the way down to making it easy to use. I can give you a list of pros for Crafting Besties Paper.... it is user friendly. Easily identifiable grunt from back, head choice of sizes, great ink absorption intuitive the paper, which means the best ink release , which is better quality prints, bright vibrant color, and quickly drys and most of the time you can sub with out the fear of cross saturation.... but nothing is 100%, some fabrics are thinner. It's just amazing paper. And Sasha is such a valuable, knowledgeable, friendly, person. She hears what her customers are saying and tries to accommodate us ... not the cons on the other papers, let's play the guessing game smooth side, rough side., slick side, chalky feeling side. I've had ink on me, ink on my paper, ink on the garments because it doesn't dry fast, and then I run things. Which cost more. So rather it's cheaper or more expensive in the end you will decide what you like. But in have stayed with the same ink and paper accept to give other p papers a test drive in which they ask have crashed and burned...

Carlisle Jordan

Thanks, they turned out great, people really like these. Now their asking for bigger sizes🤔 💰💰💰

Jherima Garrett

The mystery bag I received was Everything! I loved everything in it. It’s such a good deal and a cool idea!

Yolanda Willis
It was very helpful to me my first time trying to get into the business,I didn't know were to tur...

Looking forward to getting press paper

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